Roger Moore - Broken Bonds

His passing away brought back memories of the suave Bond he played in six or seven films. I think I saw and enjoyed all of them, but some I remember better than others. Live and Let Die and The Man with the Golden Gun in particular.

He was stylish, delivered the one-liners very coolly, and looked the part. Later Bonds were mostly no match, except Pierce Brosnan. I also read his autobiography, which was not so great, but narrated his story of struggles quite sincerely.

He will be remembered for keeping James Bond alive through his classy work. Long live Moore!


Harimohan said…
He was easily the most suave of the Bonds. Most efficient...least amount of violence...did it with love...killed them off with his one liners. My kind of a Bond. 'Spy who loved me', 'The Man with the Golden Gun', 'Moonraker' are movies I remember...the skiing scene was quintessential Bond. Roger Moore took us away into that perfect world where everything seemed possible.
Rajendra said…
Yeah, to me he was the quintessential Bond.
Priya Kannan said…
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