Marketing and Tourism

I don't remember the statistics, but I think Sri Lanka gets a lot fewer tourists than other destinations around the world. It has a lot to offer, but I believe prices are on the higher side, though their visa process is very easy and online. Dollars are in use most tourist places, or can be exchanged easily at banks. One hundred and forty nine (SL) rupees to a dollar last week.

Marketed well, it has the potential to substantially increase the number of tourists, particularly from India. Package tours could be one answer, where bulk discounts given to organisers might bring prices down. The weather permits all-year-round tourism, like in many topical destinations.

Many drivers speak English, which is a big plus. They are also professional, and drive well, following rules most of the time (unlike some places we know). Kandy, Galle, Anuradhapura, Dambulla, Nuwara Eliya are some places you can set up a base in and go around. We did it from Negombo beach.

One concept I liked was the Spice gardens which show you a lot of spice trees/creepers, give you  a free head massage for a few minutes, and sell a few Ayurvedic preparations for various ailments. We saw one such. Tea factory tours are also an attraction. A 9 km trail at Horton Plains National Park is good for those interested in such things.


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