Life is a series of experiences. I had an exhilarating one this weekend, akin to finding the unknown. Or discovering the meaning of life. I am a member of a Hindi film music-lovers' group online, and we had a get-together of the group over the weekend at a resort on the outskirts of Hyderabad.

I met around twenty people whom I had never met before (except online), and felt as if I had known them for decades. Hindi film music is our common interest, and it seems that was enough. We celebrated music, of course, with singing, antakshari, quizzes, leg-pulling and fun activities which kept us so busy we didn't realise how quickly the hours went by. Some spouses and kids whose curiosity was piqued by this "strange" group their family were members of also attended, and quite enjoyed themselves (we lived up to their expectations of weirdness, I guess). We had both youngsters and those young at heart, and it was overwhelming.

To the spirit of music, and new-found friends-cheers!


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