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Not Letting Go and Other Viruses

Most of these are Hindi viruses.

Shaadi Jamaao virus- Aunties are more prone to getting infected, but sometimes Uncles too..Parents are permanently sick with this from the time their kids turn marriageable.

Not Letting Go Virus-strikes founders or promoters of companies, anyone close to retirement, parents of young adults,...with more regularity than Chikungunya.

Apna Kaam Chhod ke..virus. At the workplace, this aflliction is semi-permanent. Those in govt. jobs have a more lethal strain attacking is combined with Permanent Tea-break virus.

Chalta Hai virus. We are a jugaadu nation and want to fix everything so it does not work for long. Helps generate employment to do the same things over and over..

Tumko Maloom Hai Main Kaun Hoon? virus. Though widely prevalent on Delhi roads, has been known to have lesser impact elsewhere, when caught by traffic police in particular.

Kalai Vani and Team- Winners of GOMC 2017 Asia-Pacific

This is the team that I was lucky to mentor for the Google Online Marketing Challenge, 2017. And won in the Asia Pacific Adwords Certification category, beating hundreds, maybe thousands, of competing teams from the region. Proud moment for IIM Indore!

The team worked with a limited budget given to all teams, and came up with a spectacular increase in relevant metrics for their chosen brand- Bhalaje Photography, Chennai. The Click Through Rate or CTR is one such metric. The client increased his business, in addition to intermediate metrics like awareness for his brand. It involved thinking on their feet to experiment, and change strategy when required.

And all this was while simultaneously handling their Summer Internship. Hard work pays!

Another shot of the winners! Cheers!

Names People Call Me

I am a man with multiple identities. I am used to being called names. From the home name (not homonym) of Raja (meaning king in India), to Raj in the U.S., hardly anyone calls me by the given name of Rajendra. In North India it changed to Rajender or Rajinder.

Being a Professor carries its own burdens, and you end up being called "Sir" (sometimes because students don't remember your name, but not always!). Variations of this are Dr. Nargundkar if they can get the last name right. In the U.S., they pronounced 'kar' as 'Car' due to cultural limitations, or habit.

It was Gunds in the MBA class at Bangalore. Sometimes Marcus Gundolius (Roman) or Gundarkar (Ghati) too. One of my friends in Bangalore later was more inventive, and just called me Nar.

I hope I have conclusively proved to you that I have multiple identities. If I haven't, go ahead and call me names.

Kaccha Limbu- Marathi Film Review

This is a film (literally, it means an unripe lemon, a metaphor for an underdeveloped child) about the struggle that the parents of a special child go through. They put their dreams on hold, and deal with their everyday life to the best of their abilities. Helping them cope is a friend each-the mother's boss, and the father's colleague.

The story has dramatic twists with unexpected events, and I don't want to be a spoiler in case anybody wants to see it. See it you should, if your interest is serious films. It's subtitled, so you can understand it mostly without knowing Marathi. And at under two hours, just right, without added masala. It's also shot in grey tone, lending it a dramatic quality.

Sonali Kulkarni was for me a great find, and pours out her heart. Sachin Khedekar and the other two male actors (the husband and the special kid) also have played their parts very well. Anant Mahadevan is seen after a long time in a nice role too.

I am continuing to be impr…

Romancing the Books- Launch at Pagdandi

THIS WAY IS EASIER, DAD. The book is about conversations between Anjali, and her Dad. Both read out parts from the book.
 Smiling at 88. My mom with my niece Miskil.
Milind, Medha, Marla, Nikhil, and Anjali, Miskil, Anu and me.

Books have a way of enticing you-and book launches too. This was one where the subjects of the book were Hari and Anjali, two of my family. And many more in the audience, as the pics above show-Marla and Nikhil were imports from the U.S. and the rest of us from Mumbai, Indore and Hyderabad. The cute book store is in Pune. It was also special coz it was on August 10th, my mother's 88th birthday.

88 Not Out

That's not a cricketer's score. That's how old my Mom will be on 10th August. She retired as a company doctor in an administrative role from Singareni Collieries in Andhra Pradesh, in 1989.

Needless to say, I grew up in small coal-mining towns. We had great fun in the cosmopolitan crowd that we had around us, and our friends are still many of those we grew up with (Kiran, Nisha, Avinash, Aashu, Ritu, Sharat, Shobhna, Shalina, Shonika, Mahesh, Manoj, Subodh, Chitrangi, Shubhangi, Milind, Anant, Shashank, Neetika, Shailaja, to name a few). Small towns have that kind of warmth, and we can still meet anyone from those days, and instantly get along. Same with my Mom and her ex-colleagues-they still meet when visiting each others' towns.

It was an incredible thing for her to become a woman doctor when not many entered the profession-or any profession. She lived in Dhanbad/Katraas, Vellore among other places. Also completed her M.D. after her marriage. Grew up to administer …

Review- When Harry Met Sejal

If you want a tour of Europe, watch Queen or Raj Kapoor's Sangam. If you want a story, watch any film of the 1960s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s. Including the Imtiaz Ali film Jab We Met. But not this.

This made me nostalgic for any of the above-mentioned eras of films. Weird thing was, all the ads shown before the film starred Amitabh. I wished he was in the film, and the film's actors in the ads. Not sure whom to blame, but as the writer and director, Imtiaz Ali should take most of it.

The film's premise is so crappy that one wonders who would make a film on such a stupid idea. It is further compounded by poor dialogue, screenplay and music. Acting is not much to write home about, either, but the script should be faulted for that too.

The Gujju-accented Anushka doesn't actually jell at all, and Shah Rukh looks as though he is sleep-walking; incidentally, I felt the same way in Raees.

Marketing Orientation in Government

Citizens ought to be treated as consumers, and their satisfaction needs to be a prime objective. So what are some ways to achieve this?

Distribution- many government services are available at few places, inaccessible to most people. Chandrababu Naidu's e-Seva changed that to some extent in Andhra Pradesh when it was introduced. Now, at least for people with Online access, a trip to the govt. office should be made redundant. Anything that they need to do should be made available online and delivered home. Even if there is a price premium charged, most people would happily opt for it. Post offices can be used for all address verification, for instance.

Attitude- Even if a citizen lands up in a government office, he is faced with an obstructionist attitude which tells him what he has done wrong. The opposite needs to be the case.

Finally, the onus of proving that the citizen is wrong should be on the government--in other words, like in jurisprudence, you are always right, unless the…

Ragas and their classification

There are zillions of ragas, I am told. But my listing is not the real classical ones. These are totally new, invented by me. To be sung in appropriate tunes..

Work related ragas

   Victim Raga- I am a victim, ..only I seem to work around here.

   Nitwit Raga- My co-workers are nitwits..who hired them, who hired them,...repeat musically

Love Life (Relationship?) Related Ragas

   Rocking Raga-The flowers are dancing, my life is rocking,..

   Full of Doubts Raga- Will she, won't she, will she, won't she..

    Never Again Raga- I will never fall in love again,...I am becoming a monk/a saint..

Old Age Ragas

    Spectacular Raga- Where did I keep the chashma (spectacles)?...

    Beckham Raga- Why doesn't my body bend at the right places?

    Existential Raga- Where am I, Who am I? Who are all these people?

    Dhritarashtra Raga- Yeh kya ho raha hai (Hindi)?

Boss Ragas

    The I Tune- I know everything, I KNOW everything, I know EVERYTHING

Romancing the Train is the link to a song Gaadi bula rahi hai, from the film Dost. One of the songs I really like, shot on a train and about a train...and life.

Singing in a train is as good as singing in the rain..

Another one or two about romances that had one of the characters in a train, are these-

Jiya o, jiya o jiya kuch bol do..Rafi singing for Dev Anand.

The same idea, later, with Kishore Kumar for Rajesh Khanna singing to Sharmila on the darjeeling mountain railway.

Mere sapnon ki rani kab aayegi tu..I grew up watching this, and it's still a favourite.

Another old gem with Hemant Kumar for Dev Anand singing to Waheeda Rehman.
Hai apna dil to awara na jane kis pe aayega from Solva Saal.

Joblessness and Other Indexes

Ok, Indices, maybe..I don't know. But the point is, I am coming up with some new ones, like the soap companies do, on a regular basis. Unlike them, I really had to think these through. Why should Sensex have all the fun?

Joblessness Index- Hours spent doing useful things, divided by hours spent on Social Media+Hours spent on Cell talking+Hours spent on Netflixing (this is not a word yet, I invented it..if Googling is an accepted word, this will be too)..for better results, interchange the numerator and denominator, so the number appears large, and you can then make speeches worrying about it.

Economy's Health Index. Doctors' earnings for all doctors divided by Patients' Bank Balance (Amount reduced by paying medical bills) indicates the economy's health- can you argue with this?

Pseudo-intellectuals Index. This is the total number of posts forwarded in a day about anything that sounds intellectual but is not, multiplied by 1000.

Real Intellectuals Index. The numbe…

Day 3 of IIM Indore NASMEI Conference

A pic from the inaugural day, with Phil Zerrillo (left), and Stefan Haves (right), who gave us a brilliant example of how to connect with an audience/customer. Rishikesha Krishnan, director, IIM Indore and I are also in the pic.

The conference concluded yesterday, and a lot of lessons were learnt (yes, we used Digital Marketing to promote it too). Sheer energy and teamwork among many people led to its great success, and invited speakers were eloquent in their praise.
Thanks to the overwhelming response from researchers, we had a problem of plenty. Out of over 400 submissions, we selected around 300 for presentations. Managing so many in multiple tracks in two days was a big challenge. FPM students and Academic Associates chipped in, and media and photography were managed superbly by the able Ananya Mishra.

Hats off to the team of Veenus Tewari and her gang (as I like to call it) of girls and guys..and thanks to all our sponsors who saw it turn into the big event it became. Raji Srini…

Movie Titles

Jewel Thief, Sholay, Gol Maal, Chupke Chupke, Anand, Rajnigandha, Dil Diya Dard Liya, Kati Patang, Mere Jeevan Sathi, Aandhi, Lahu Ke Do Rang, Dulhan Wahi Jo Piya Man Bhaaye, Hum Kisise Kum Nahi, Yaadon ki Baaraat, Around the World, Chalti ka Naam Gaadi, Driver Ramudu (Telugu), Siri Siri Muvva (Telugu), Shankarabharanam (Telugu)..are some titles that I remember from old films.

The new ones (relatively) that I remember are Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, Om Shanti Om, Kahani, Queen, Baazigar, Court (Marathi), Natsamraat (Marathi), Mungaru Male (Kannada), Swapnakkudu (Malayalam), Finding Fanny, Queen, ..

Hollywood Films

A Fish Called Wanda, History of the World- Part 1, Ben Hur, Star Wars, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Diamonds are Forever, Live and Let Die, Silent Movie, The Great Dictator, Modern Times, Where Eagles Dare, The Mask, Good Morning Vietnam, The Pink Panther series, Strangers on a Train, Dial M for Muder, Murder on the Orient Express...

Recent Hollywood Films

I actual…

Day 2 of the IIMI NASMEI conference

Day 2 of the conference kicked off with a presentation by four luminaries- Manoj Agarwal, Raji Srinivasan, Rama Bijapurkar and Pingali Venugopal. The first two are representing NASMEI, which is our partner for this conference. They are hard-core academics at U.S. universities. Rama is a consultant, and Venugopal is a prof. at XLRI.

As usual, there were many familiar faces, like Ramesh Kumar from IIM Bangalore, and a few new ones. Moutusy Maity of IIML told me she has published a book on Digital Marketing, and I am looking forward to reading that. I mentioned our plans to edit a Case Book on the subject (some of you readers would be the contributors).

Learnings- Customer value in emerging markets may manifest itself differently, because of lower discretionary income levels, but some aspirations are common across levels of income, and many marketing concepts hold good anywhere in the world.

Also, there are not enough customer voices or marketing people in the Board rooms of American co…

Learnings- IIM Indore NASMEI Marketing Conference

Stefan Haves and Phil Zerrillo, are two speakers we had invited to kickstart our Marketing conference (with our partner NASMEI) at IIM Indore - and what a session it turned out to be.

Both are Americans, but with very different backgrounds. Phil is a Ph.D. from Philip Kotler's workplace, and is currently at Singapore Managaement University and runs a Case writing centre, among other things. Stefan is a Director with Cirque du Soleil, and writes comic parts for actors to play. He has also directed a couple of Hollywood films.

Learnings- Customer value (our conference theme) may take different forms at different times, but the customer is keen to get value for his money, and marketers who keep up with them will win their hearts.

The connection with customers is important. The heart should rule along with the head. Our humanism is slowly making way for a technology-based humanoid, and the joy of living comes from balancing the feminine side (intuition, softer feelings, and all the r…

Lipstick Under my Burkha- Film Review

It's an important film, about a very important topic, which is usually kept under the carpet- love and sexuality from a woman's perspective. Full marks for dealing with the subject, and some of its real ramifications. The difficulty of breaking out of traditions, and societal expectations, and hypocrisy. For instance, that women of a certain age should not have expectations of physical love. Ratna Pathak Shah's character is probably the one that draws the most empathy. She is also the best actress in the film (actor, actually), with no exceptions.

The film could have done with a bit of drama, though. It feels like it's going through the motions, too quickly. Some twists in the story, maybe a few light moments, would have made it that much more moving and powerful. It does make its points about the search for love in and out of marriage -and a search for the liberation that all young people look for. But I found better expressions of it in films like Masaan or Life in …

IIM Indore-NASMEI Marketing Conference 2017

One of the most successful conferences we organised when I was with IMT was  the Case conference at Goa's International Centre. Looks like the IIM Indore Marketing Conference on July 28th and 29th with NASMEI and UT Austin is all set to surpass that one. We have 300 plus papers on a variety of marketing topics, and top academicians from leading management institutes are participating either as presenters or invited speakers, making it one of the biggest marketing events in India. In addition, we have a few global stalwarts like Raji Srinivasan, Manoj Agarwal, and Phil Zerillo who will grace the occasion. Industry is also well-represented, with people like Shiv Kumar from Pepsi and Rama Bijapurkar, consultant, speaking at the event.

My young colleague Abhishek Mishra and his able conference manager Veenus, aided by a team of FPM students and staff, are the reason for the success.

Next week is going to be a power-packed and interesting one. Looking forward to it.

HPCL Training Program

A unique partnership with HPCL. This time
at their training institute in Pune. Lovely campus.


We all have avatars. This was mine (Clemsonavatar) in the late eighties. With Anu at Clemson, South Carolina, where I got a Ph.D. Not sure why I wore a jacket and tie. Maybe it was the day I defended my Ph.D. thesis.
 We outside our abode (above and below). I think a Clemson prof. owned the apartment.

Oranges and Farewells

Zindagi Ittefaq Hai

This is a favourite song, (link if you want to listen but also rings true. Most things in life happen serendipitously, or in an unplanned manner.

Thinking back, most of my career choices after school were because friends asked me to appear for some entrance exams-left to myself, I would have probably done the easiest degree available, whatever it was, and gone ahead..and maybe still would have become a teacher :)

Many things we do in life are a result of being in the right place at the right time- from buying a new dress, to starting  a new research project, or deciding where to eat. There's a lot less of planning than we think. The cars I bought in the U.S., particularly the huge 1979 Ford Granada, was because a friend was sellling it, and I was was a luxury car that I enjoyed driving. Before getting back to earth with a more sober Subaru hatchback. That was also because it happened to be available second hand at the dealer…

Resolute Resolutions

Why do resolutions have to be year-end ones?

Here are 5 mid-year ones, approx. half-way through this year.

1. I will be relaxed about everything. Does not mean in a hammock-it's all in the mind.

2. I will appreciate people a bit more..I find it challenging, so I guess this needs to be worked on.

3. I will try something new each time I teach..generally do, but need to be steadfast.

4. Try new research methods..qualitative in addition to the usual.

5. Write better blog posts..see, I am already trying the last one out. :)

..and continue the good things like the Best DP awards, in case you are apprehensive..

Summer School

There is a set of week-long (or two) courses at National Univ. of Singapore each summer (also called the IPSA-NUS Methods School). I have now attended two, in successive years, and recommend them to students of any age. Particularly good are the qualitative ones, though you have to pick one that's suitable for you. Happened to meet an old colleague, Senthil, from IMT Nagpur there too.

Here are some pics from the experience.

1. Fitting right in with the global crowd. Kent Ridge Metro station serves the university.

 There are also outings for socialising. Dinner at Kowloon Express, Clementi. That's Bruce Lee behind us! South Korea, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Turkey, China and Vietnam at the table. Jai ho!

Class in progress. Prof. Max Bergman of Univ of Basel is the Boss.

The NUS campus is a delight.

The food variety at their campus food court is amazing. Koffee C is our style of coffee.

Airport Art

Airports generally have a lot of advertising- for tourism, or cosmetics, or for their own duty-free shops if international. But depicting your culture through airport art is an art..and Mumbai airport Terminal 2 seems to have done a lot of it right. The murals on its walls are good at showing Indian motifs - sample these.


I keep changing my mind about inventions that changed my life. Here's the current list.

ATM- It was the ATM's birthday yesterday. I take my hat off for the guy who made the act of going to a bank redundant.

Diapers- a great help when parenting. Maybe adult version in future too.

Bean Bag- It gives you the perfect angle- always.

Desk calendar- Would be lost without one.

The aeroplane- Boeing, boeing, horse carriages.

The computer. Made communicating easier-don't know about the computing.

Google- Except your lost key or glasses, you can find anything with it.

Not so thrilled about passwords, mobile phone, TV (after what we have done to it- not the inventor's fault)

Things Which Keep Us Awake

Things which keep us awake -in my view, after extensive research- are the following.


Will I get batting tomorrow in the game we play every day?

Will my teacher ask for the home work or forget it?


How many Likes will my selfie get?


What do I wear?


What do I cook tomorrow?

Gentlemen (gentle is just a figure of speech)

Where will my next beer come from?

Will I get to watch India play XYZ undisturbed?

What I Like About Facebook

Of course, there's a lot of criticism of it. But I want to look at the positives.

If you invest time, it is rewarding. It's like live Market Research (a subject I like, and teach). On any given day, you get to know what a range of opinions on any topic are- extremes are there in good number, but moderates too express themselves- if you look closely.

It's a great pictorial ride-through the lives of people you like (mostly).

(Pic from a recent outing in Sri Lanka)

It gives you instant feedback on many things- silences, likes, comments, all have a story to tell.

It gets you back in touch. Random conversations on Messenger included, but meetings have also happened many a time solely due to FB- which otherwise may not have. Ex-students, ex-colleagues, and sometimes, forgotten classmates. Or new-found friends-of which there are lots.

You can innovate- I have tried, sometimes with success.

It is flexible, in the sense you can stay on it or away from it depending on your other pr…

Landmark Tunes- Hindi Films

There are a few landmark tunes that are associated in my mind with music directors in Hindi films.

Vasant Desai- Bole re papihara in Guddi. It is so different from the usual songs.

RD Burman- Dum maro dum from Hare Rama Hare Krishna. I don't think anyone else could have thought of this.

SD Burman- Wahan kaun hai tera, musafir, jayega kahan (film- Guide), in his own voice.

Jaidev- Main zindagi ka saath nibhaata chala gaya. A masterpiece from Hum Dono, sung by Mohammad Rafi.

Kalyanji Anandji- Pal bhar ke liye koi hamein pyar kar le from Johny Mera Naam. Dev Anand and Hema Malini added a lot of charm to it.

Shankar Jaikishen- Sayonara, sayonara from Love in Tokyo.

Laxmikant Pyarelal- Mere mehboob qayamat hogi from Mr. X in Bombay.

OP Nayyar- Piya piya piya mora jiya pukare, from Baap re Baap. Early use of Kishore Kumar's yodeling, and trademark hoofbeats that he used in many songs.

Descriptive Names

Some names that are descriptive, or serve a larger purpose-

Yelliah- he yells.

Delilah- works in a Deli.

Malliah- works at the mall.

Telliah- works at a bank.

Gorbachev- Does the Gorba (Gujjus beware- there's also a che in his name).

Bharat- gives Mr. Manoj Kumar a complex.

Mark- he is always one up on you.

David Lean- programmed not to put on weight.

Javagal Srinath- his bowling got your jaw if you weren't careful.

Sivagami- India's answer to Origami.

Rasputin-sounds like a competitor to Frooti.

Dimple and Not so Simple

This is a list of my favourite heroines from films. Naturally, from my era-mostly.

Tanuja was a natural, and acted well -at least occasionally. Hathi Mere Sathi, Mere Jeevan Sathi and Jewel Thief are three films I remember her from.

Mumtaz was cute, and paired well with some. Rajesh Khanna, for one. Aap Ki Kasam and Roti come to mind. Feroz Khan too, with Apradh being one film of theirs I remember.

Dimple Kapadia, who broke a lot of records with Bobby, and a few hearts after that by marrying the aforesaid Mr. Khanna. Saw her in Finding Fanny last.

Saira Banu, who was also a looker, and did the haughty roles really well-watch Padosan again if you don't believe me. Shagird was good too.

Smita Patil, for the real desi, dark and smouldering realism. All her films are recommended, highly.

Hema Malini. The Dream Girl (good marketing!) paired best with Dharmendra in many films, Sholay and Jugnu being ones I remember the most.

Rekha in Khoobsurat was my favourite for many years.

I liked …

Why You Remember Places

Why do we remember certain places more than others? There are two kinds of places I am talking of-places where we have lived, and places which we have visited.

In both cases, a common reason may be the people we associate with the place. I have lived at least a year in the following places- Kothagudem, Bellampalli, Ramagundam, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Clemson, Greenwood (both in the U.S.), Bhubaneswar, Harihar, Lucknow, Kozhikode, Nagpur, Indore.

 Me at Athens, Greece and (below) my wife in Clemson, SC, USA.
Of these, the longest spell at one place as a grownup was at Harihar, where we had small class sizes in our MBA program, and therefore I tend to remember the students pretty well, even with my fading memory cells. There was also another unrelated reason to remember the place itself. An 18-hole Golf course in our colony (thanks to the Kirloskars) made me feel like a millionaire.

Nagpur, a campus (IMT) that was scenic, and people who were …












Indore and Mandu

Campus of IIM Indore- above and below.

 Mandu-three pics.

 Back to the campus. Suhita Thatte visits us.

Hindi Medium- Film Review

It is rare for Hindi films to touch on poverty in a realistic manner. This one does. It also exposes the rot in our systems where anyone can fake documents and get benefits that are meant for the needy.

The obsession of parents to go to any length for their kids' school admission is the immediate theme of the film, but the sub-text is our own lack of a sense of right and wrong. Some scenes are very touching, and I liked the second half better than the first (except for the consultant for school admission, I did not find the first half funny).

The actors, led by Irrfan and Saba Qamar do a great job, but it is a well-written and directed film that touches your heart. The guy who really steals the show is Deepak Dobriyal as the poor neighbour who sacrifices everything for the new neighbours in his poor neighbourhood. His wife also plays her role well.

A good film to watch, it makes you think about how little it may take to put many of our systems back on track again.

Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

..But not in the way you think. I am referring here to the 500 metres from the 'high'way kind of fondness. Yet, I think we can come up with several ideas to extend this one, and improve humanity-of course, within distance limits.

We can ask people-

not to spit 29 metres from a wall, thus saving paint worth crores (paint companies may not like this, but..)

not to hug your boyfriend/girlfriend within 455 metres from either your house or theirs.

not to wear bikinis within 20 metres of a beach or a pool. You can sunbathe, but not swim in them.

not to smoke within 5 metres of anyone, to prevent them from going up in smoke. Also on Sundays. Smoky Sundays are intolerable.

Not to turn Republic TV channel on within 300 yards of any resident of our republic- health hazard!

Not to read a Dave Barry or PG Wodehouse within 5 metres of people without a sense of humour. get the idea. Now go 10 metres away and frame your own rules!

Strictly Speaking

I am not strict, but I like the expression, though I am not sure what it means. Anyway, having got that out of the way, I will try and make some observations. As you can see, I am in the mood...

Strictly speaking, none of us is really busy. Just lazy, and trying to avoid things/people we don't like.

There is nothing at the end of the rainbow. But it's nice to imagine that there is.

We are not the most intelligent species, if you count the number of years we work- or the fact that we invented work.

News is really not news, most of the time.

A celebrity minus the hype is just you, or the guy/gal next door trying to fit in with the expectations of more people than you and I are.

Film-makers run out of ideas pretty quickly. That explains sequels.

Ok, I don't want the Earth to shatter just now, so I will stop here..for now.

Colleagues From Past Workplaces

I am concentrating on the ones I am still in touch with, mostly.

Leslie Price was a colleague at Lander, South Carolina, and we got along like a house on fire. We are now older, hopefully wiser, and parents of beautiful children, and still communicate on Fb.

Muthukumar, who I worked with at the market research firm called MBA, and shared an abode called Karl Guest House in Andheri with. We still meet and bond over a beer or a whisky. Sometimes Golf.

Avinash Mulky, who was at IIM Lucknow with me, now works at IIMB and I, at IIMI. We do meet occasionally, and talk of old times and new.

BK Mohanty, a colleague from my XIM Bhubaneswar and IIM Lucknow days, is a dear friend and we get to meet here and there.

Shahida, of PESIT, now at ASCI Hyderabad, whom I have met less often, but we are in touch on the phone and through Fb.

Dhanapal, who runs his own school at Coimbatour, and worked with me at Kirloskar Institute, Harihar. We meet now and then, and plan on more golfing trips like the on…

Roger Moore - Broken Bonds

His passing away brought back memories of the suave Bond he played in six or seven films. I think I saw and enjoyed all of them, but some I remember better than others. Live and Let Die and The Man with the Golden Gun in particular.

He was stylish, delivered the one-liners very coolly, and looked the part. Later Bonds were mostly no match, except Pierce Brosnan. I also read his autobiography, which was not so great, but narrated his story of struggles quite sincerely.

He will be remembered for keeping James Bond alive through his classy work. Long live Moore!

Film Review - Chi va Chi Sau Ka

This is a Marathi film deftly directed by the award-winning director Paresh Mokashi (Harishchandrachi Factory, a film about Dadasaheb Phalke, was by him). The title here refers to a girl aspiring to be a married woman.

It is a laugh-riot, barring a couple of serious scenes. Very interesting technique of story-telling, with quick-silver edits, keeps you engrossed. The witty yet believable dialogue and story gives a lot of weightage to characterisation of all the major players. The families and individuals grow on you, as the story rapidly progresses from a match made in heaven to a divorce made in the same place. And then, a second one in reverse order. The two sets of parents plotting first for the downfall of their kids'relationship, and then the reverse, is hilarious.

The lead actors were new to me, and did a great job. The support cast is terrific as a foil, particularly the feisty granny and the kid brother who is in a "committed" relationship at a young age (on a s…

Worrisome Worries

Ok, I am getting philosophical. But natural, one would say, coz I am a Doctor of Philosophy.

But I am serious. We worry too much, and don't listen to the song "Don't worry, be happy" enough.

We worry about the future, when the present calls out and says, "I am here."

We worry about what we don't have (and possibly, the neighbours do have), forgetting that we do have a lot.

We worry about the world, which seems to have taken care of itself since we were born. And probably will do so..

We worry about the potholes, and the jackasses who drive like crazy.

We worry about things we have no control over, and discuss them to death. Such as, "Who will win the IPL?"

We'd e better off worrying less, and doing (or ot doing) more.