Dil in Hindi Film Songs

The fact is 90 percent of Hindi films are romances, and therefore, about the heart, or dil in Hindi. The songs (again, almost all Hindi films are musicals) too have loads of romance. Here are some common uses of the word 'dil' in songs -

Dil machal raha hai..hard to translate, but roughly, the heart is exuberant..

Dil beqaraar sa hai..again, tough to achieve an accurate translation ..but restless heart could be close.

O mere dil ke chain..addressing the loved one as the balm for the heart.

Dil ek mandir hai..the heart is a temple.

Deewana leke aaya hai dil ka taraana ..the heart as a gift to the beloved.

and of course, Dilwaale Dulhaniya Le started as a song in Chor Machaye Shor, and went on to be the title of a blockbuster starring one of the best screen pairs -Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol. Literal translation..the guy with a heart will take away the bride.

Victoria No. 203- the Original Film

There was a director called Brij who made this film in the seventies, with Navin Nishchal and Saira Banu in the romantic lead, and Ashok Kumar and Pran in the real lead. Their roles (the older actors') were central to the theme, about a missing cache of diamonds worth a few crores. I just saw this film again, on TV.

It is rollicking fun, with a lot of twists and turns, and some good music, particularly the song- "Do bechare bina sahare, dekho poochh poochh kar haare, bin taale ki chaabi lekar phirte maare maare." Saira Banu's dad is implicated in a murder related to the stolen diamonds, and she is forced to disguise herself as a man and drive his Victoria (women were not allowed).

There is a lot of fun with Ashok Kumar (who plays a drunkard) and Pran, small time crooks who find the key to the locker where the secret about the diamonds is stored, but don't know which locker. Finally, their search leads them back to the Victoria (horse-cart) and its lamp. But the …

Aiyaary- View From the Balcony

Manoj Bajpayee is a fine actor. Rakul Preet Singh (apparently starred in a few Telugu films) looks nice and acts well in her part. Siddharth Malhotra- well, I am not a big fan of his, but he's adequate for the role.

Overall, the movie is a good watch if you like the Spy Vs. Spy genre. Here, it is also linked to the Adarsh Housing scam though the disclaimer proclaims otherwise.The story is decent, and keeps you guessing in quite a few scenes. Naseeruddin Shah has a small but significant role.

Somehow, the leading lady reminded me of Poonam Dhillon in her young days. She looks and acts a bit like her- or maybe I have a need for glasses :)

Ok, without giving the story away, this is all I can say. It has the feel of a Neeraj Pande film (A Wednesday). Nicely shot scenes of foreign locales. The snowy ones in India too.

Change of Names

Places with changed names is the focus here.

Waltair is the old name for the city of Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh.

Calicut is the old name for Kozhikode.

Trivandrum is the old name for Thiruvananthapuram.

Chennai is the new Madras, Puducherry is the new Pondicherry and Mumbai is the new name for Bombay.

Bangalore has turned into Bengaluru (and I believe, Gulbarga into Kalburgi), Calcutta into Kolkata.

Pune is what we call the old Poona now.

Roads have also been renamed to get a nationalistic flavour instead of the British-Raj one, like the name given to Warden Road. Bhulabhai Desai Rd is the new name. The American Cnsulate where I got my student visa used to be located on this road in Mumbai (Bombay). 


This is a composite pic made from two different ones- the one on the right is from Vignana Jyoti Institute of Management at Hyderabad, where I worked from 1992-1995. The one on the left is from IMT Nagpur, where I was between 2009-2013.

The journey to this point is full of learnings. I have found that I like the cosy small classes better than the industrial, large ones. Not much one can do about it, though.

I have also found that learning mostly happens by doing, much more so than by listening to someone talk, though  a combination might work. This, one can do something about.

Projects which take you into the field are almost guaranteed to teach you something new.

Exams should make a student think-not a professor, about how he will grade them on time.

Bureaucracy is stifling-wherever it exists, and is probably the single biggest reason that creativity gets stifled anywhere- a country, an organisation.

Selection processes are critical in maintaining quality, both of students and teach…

Pad Man- Film Review

The TED Talk by the original man Arunachalam is awesome. The movie is not bad from a social awareness standpoint, but leaves a lot to be desired from a cinematic point of view.

Akshay's lack of acting skills and the direction makes the first half drag for about twice the amount of time it should have run. The second half is a lot better, and his speech at the U.N. is a highlight. Sonam injects some freshness into the second half, but her entry is a little late in my view. Had it occurred earlier, and the film been about an hour and a half, it could have been a terrific watch. It is shot in Maheshwar near Indore for the most part, and the cinematography is nice.

I think the points made in the film about our society being regressive about female hygiene are made well, but the other points that come across strongly are -

1. Women also treat women badly, not just the men.
2. You are somebody in India only after someone in the West recognises you.

If you are the patient kind, watch th…