Traffic Jams- How to Utilise Them

The country's competitiveness and GDP can grow if we do the following (choose any two) during a traffic jam.

Invent a new product. Who says you have to be sitting on the "think tank" in order to think? You can use a traffic jam.

Think of 5 ways to kill your boss-he's the one hampering your productivity, right? (We didn't promise that it would be good for you-only for the country)

Throw apples at the passersby..the demand for apples will directly go can also choose tomatoes, if they are selling at 100 bucks a kilo.

Honk until your battery goes dead..demand for car towing services will increase, and therefore,....

Order a takeaway pizza and desrcibe your location as the ---- jam..he'll understand, he'll have managed to contribute your mite to mitigate the unemployment problem.

Write a resume/autobiography/poem/..circulate them to the other people in the may get lucky and find a publisher among them..or an employer..

Digital Marketing Course- Second Edition

Just started teaching the Digital Marketing course for its second run. In between last year and this year, two important things happened.. a team of our students (Kalaivani and team) won the Google Online Marketing Challenge for Asia Pacific..I happened to be their mentor. Second, I ran an MDP at IIM Indore on Digital Marketing, attended by several participants from industry.

Looks like we are going great guns with this year's edition too. Should be exciting, with a lot of exercises packed into the course, including creating a blog and populating it. And making a video ad film. Nothing like live projects to liven up a course, as I learnt during my MBA!

This course also runs at our Mumbai campus for part-time and full time students. Looking forward to that too.

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On Keeping a Beard

Why do people grow a beard? This question has haunted me and Gillette for decades. Not sure of Gillette, but my research points at the following-

To save on shaving expenses and pain (sorry, Gillette)

To study the growth of microbes, bacteria in a bearded environment, right under your nose

To look like your bearded hero (who they are eludes me for the moment)

To differentiate youself (a beardo) from a weirdo

To keep the total hair (neck upwards) constant, particularly as you advance in age -heck, I must be in this category now, just had a birthday too.

So what do I do? To grow or not to grow, THAT is the question.

These are a few of my Favourite Things

Exquisite first love.

Newspaper. From the days when writer quality was excellent.

Mirchi bajji..all Andhravadus like this.

Sabudana khichdi/vada..all ghatis are fond of this.

Single Malts- an acquired taste.

Tea- Fits me to a 't'- Irani chai is the best.

Biryani- inevitable Hyderabadi addiction

Humour- Love it. Ultimate test of people. Wodehouse and Asterix, ah!

Books- mystery, non-fiction.

Pics- They tell a story.

Chats. FB is fine. Real ones are even better.

Cinema- Bollywood -with all its warts- comes first. Next is world cinema, Bergman, Irani films, Japanese films, Hollywood,..

Gaane- especially Kishore Kumar.

Chef- Film Review

This is the one starring Saif Ali Khan and Padmapriya. My major motivation was to watch the latter in action (she was my student at KIAMS), and I came away impressed. There is a simplicity to the plot (it is not original, but a remake of an English film), that makes it an easy and enjoyable watch.

The parts of Kerala you glimpse in various shots add to the charm. At one level, you could call it a story about Father-son bonding. It is also about a relationship gone sour but one that both partners are dealing with to the best of their ability, putting the son first when they can, while pursuing their own dreams.

The film picks up steam once the food truck/bus comes in, and becomes a kind of road trip which gives some scope to introduce Goa and Raghu Dixit into the script. The song that results is fun ( a lungi song?) and natural.

Having lived in Calicut, I was able to connect to the Labour Union demands and the toddy shop (yes, I have visited one). Must mention Milind Soman, and the ac…