The Ghost Who Walks

One of my favourite characters lived in a skull cave in the jungles of Denkali, among the pygmy Bandar. Guran was a friend of his from that tribe, who shot poisoned arrows. Jungle drums were used to relay messages to the Phantom.

He was The Nemesis of Pirates.

He had a girlfriend called Diana.

Old Jungle Sayings about the Phantom abounded. For instance,

Phantom moves faster than lightning. (when striking opponents too).

You never find the Phantom. He finds you.

The voice of the angry Phantom chills the tiger's blood.

He used to walk the streets of town like an rdinary man sometimes, and order milk in a bar. Devil, his wolf, accompanied him on his trips.

The Phantom Chronicles were stored in a secret vault in the skull cave, and contained the history of how he came to be.

Lee Falk was his creator.

Golf 2018- Creating Memories

Some games are good, some bad, but memories are always golden. It's important to create some every now and then. These past few days, got a chance to look at Golf again after a longish break due to Operation (on my) Wrist. Managed to play a few good shots, though the luck+skill to get a good score was elusive. Nevertheless, it was great meeting old friends Dhanapal and Vijayakumar and playing, thanks to our gracious host at Wellington, Col. Ramki- a former student of Vijayakumar's.

 A ringside view (above)- and we pose (Vijayakumar is with me)

 Action, and a closing shot to end the game.

The 19th hole-the party-is an integral part of the game.

Jaggi Vasudev

There are gurus and gurus. Some are born, some made, and some have gurudom thrust on them by their followers. I have enjoyed reading some books of Jaggi's. Also saw him on the Madras Gymkhana Golf Club a few years ago. I think he has something to tell us that may be useful. Of course, there could be flaws too, up to us to figure out. Anyway, we went to the Velliangiri hills and took a look at the majestic Adi Yogi statue that has come up there, close to his Isha Yoga centre. Some glimpses-

Lemon Apple Resort

There is this resort in Coonoor. Except a swimming pool, it's got everything you need for a holiday. You can book on makemytrip and too. Good location, about a km. from Sim's Park in Coonoor, beautifully done up rooms, a garden sit-out, a sit-in inside, and a couple who will cook to order (that's extra). Some pics that I took there last week. More on this link.

 The drive to get there-this is via Kotagiri to Coonoor. Also approachable from the other side.
No wi-fi, but a Golf academy and a tea estate at a stone's throw. You can learn Golf and take walks. And drink Nilgiris tea grown right there. Evidence- A pic of the tea-tree.

Vacationing in Coimbatore

Never shun a vacation. My motto now for the foreseeable future. This one was a good one for many reasons. Number 1, I met old friends from my days in Kirloskar and IMT Nagpur, at Coimbatore. Number 2, I played Golf. Number 3, I got to see a new resort/guest house in Coonoor with a Golf Academy attached-well, almost! Fourth, it was raining merrily all the time we were there-actually started in the air!! Delayed our landing by half an hour. Had a pilot who was from Honduras-that's a first!

Wellington Golf Club. My second visit, after 2016 December.
A Golf Academy..Pooja in training..
 We practiced too.

Brilliant view.
Another view from the Golf Academy. Coonoor Kotagiri Road.

The Gene- Book Review

Fascinating book. It proved a few points to me-

1. We have done almost nothing in molecular or drug or genetic research compared to some countries in the world. Genentech was making drug therapy based on genes roughly from the seventies/eighties. Research on these was happening at a furious pace even before, for decades.

2. Leaks are important-uncited work also is in the same category, more or less. Scientists don't always want to co-operate for a cause, like any other human beings.

3. Some people work for decades to solve a small problem, thanklessly at times.

4. Unless you can put two and two together, you are not going to be a discoverer/inventor. The twos can come from different people's work.

5. It's fascinating when a knowledgeable person explains the story of an invention, or discovery, just like the author here explaining how the structure of the DNA was discovered, among other things.

6. Eugenics was a stated ambition of many people in the U.S. though Hitler took…

Names and Places

Vidisha is the first that comes to mind-she was a student at IMT Ghaziabad. The place is in M.P. Rewa is another, she was my student at Indore. Om Shivpuri was an actor, and Shivpuri is in M.P. too.

Javagal Srinath comes from Javagal, Salil Ankola from Ankola, and A.K. Hangal from Hangal. Deepika and her illustrious dad from Padukone (Guru Dutt too, though he did not use the last name). These are places in Karnataka. Bezawada Gopala Reddy and Tanguturi Prakasam Pantulu were prominent people from Andhra, and bore the place names of Bezawada (Viijayawada's earlier avatar), and Tangutur.

Of course, most kars are from the place that precedes the kar. Belagaumkar, Hublikar, Nargundkar, Dharwadkar are some examples. Some people don't use the kar, so you find a Nargund as a surname too.

A Savant may be from Savantwadi. (We had one at Kirloskar Institute, Ameet). I think C.K. Prahalad, the management guru derives the C from Coimbatore.