Why We Do What We Do

This is my own take on motivation, so all the behavioral scientists please put away those guns.

I am assuming that we have enough food to survive. If we don't, we will of course, beg, borrow or steal. That's not what I am talking about. The higher order things, is.

Read a book- because we know it will transport us to another world, which is either better than ours (romance, true love, chivalry, equality, utopia), or a temporary escape (murder mystery, Harry Potter,..)

Watch a Film- I mainly watch it for entertainment, but sometimes to understand things better. It's a different medium, and it's great to try and understand anything that the director is trying to convey visually, even if you disagree with the pooint of view. I have (mostly) stopped watching a film for an actor/star, because most of them are actually disappointing, or too stereotyped.

Travel- I still find travel is one thing where I learn a lot. Combine it with a meeting with a friend, and it's the ic…

Amazing Blog Stats

Startling Stats

For some reason, there was a spike in this blog's views yesterday. While the usual daily views are around 100 plus, yesterday they went to 1,769. Not sure why, but maybe I will find out in due course. Anyway, enjoying the spike while it happens. Today of course, we are back to a more normal and down-to-earth figure.

Sep 16, 2017 3:30 PM – Sep 23, 2017 2:30 PM

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Global Fashion -an Update

Fashion is the new constant-I mean change is the only constant, and fashion is about change. Don't get it? It's OK, neither do I. So I'll just get on with what I was saying.

The current fashion in these countries/states/cities seems to be-

North Korea- celebrating Diwali by firing rockets over Japan.

USA- Building walls (a fashion started by Facebook, which has since moved to Timelines)

Mexico-Shaking it up

Caribbean countries- Sending hurricanes to the U.S. coast.

China-trying Gujarati food (Dhokla-m?)

Gujarat- banning Sunny Leone ads

Mumbai- trying to become Venice

(These are not countries, but have populations bigger than some.) Fb, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp,..- trying to be like each other.

Innovations in Flying and Elsewhere

This was a Business Class like no other I have been in. Individual seats that can go horizontal. Was on this flight where I got upgraded, and looks like it was the right one to get upgraded on! Comfortable, so that even the half-hour delay circling over Mumbai did not seem like much (on a one and half- hour flight). Why don't they make all seats in an aircraft like these? Isn't that what innovation is supposed to do?

Anyway, let's leave that to high-flying innovators and concentrate on our job. What have we innovated lately?

Learnings from Current Turmoil

I was struck by what one of the participants of a recent conference said. A music CD was sold at 12 to 14 dollars at one time, with a huge margin. Now, they are forced to make 4 cents per streaming of the latest music coming out. High volume and low margins.

Another participant said that they now assess businesses based on intangibles and give them loans (start-ups is what he was talking about), insead of asking for land and machinery as collateral. Just goes to show how things change within our lifespans.

I grew up on analog photography, and it's digital now. I grew up on the vaccuum tube/diode, and it's all chips today. I grew up on letters, and it's not even email today-mostly, people use messaging services.

Not to mention GST, Aadhar, ...and all that the businesses have to go through in terms of unexpected things that happen.

Movies, that used to run for 25 weeks for a silver jubilee, now are considered a hit if they run into week 2. Records, cassettes, CDs, DVDs and …

IFIM B School- Conference

This was a place I had earlier worked in. I visited for a conference recently, and enjoyed the feeling of deja vu. Some of the old colleagues and staff were around, and a couple of surprises too. I was moderator of a panel on Management 2022 among other things.

The institute is a neighbour of Infosys, in electronic city. The company which has seen a lot of turmoil in recent times, after being the bellwether of Indian corporates for many years. In my brief stint there, I enjoyed the corporate ambience, and also did an MDP for the Oterra Hotel at Yercaud. The hotel has changed hands since then.

Also visited an old haunt, The Bierre Club, and met a couple of old students from IMT Nagpur and KIAMS. Just after a training program at HPCL's Pune facility (pics below-with Ranjeet and Ghosh, colleagues from IIM Indore, at Pune)

Simran- Film Review

Simran is a name that became immortal in Hindi cinema after DDLJ. This film is Kangana's show all the way, and she does not disappoint. Though not as good as Queen in terms of viewing pleasure, it's a decent watch. It subtly makes a point. The hero is trying to be independent, while the heroine already is!

Parents don't like independent children, so the final scene of the father trying to strangle his daughter is quite apt. Most parents here think that way (unfortunately), and that leads to many unpleasant consequences for the daughters (sometimes the men in love with them too).

I think with tighter editing, the film could have been better, but I am not complaining, if we get to see more films about free-spirited women who can go to Las Vegas and gamble away their life savings, and punch a big guy and force him to call the Security- Go for it!